Foundation friendly campaign - Markets Restaurants and Organic FarmsWe offer our guests our farm products, and what we do not produce we purchase from local farms a km zero or businesses that produce products of Tuscan origin and/or certified that guarantee quality and origin, this means being a "Campagna Amica (Country Friend)" Agritourism site.

The Breakfast

At breakfast, you may sample our jams, homemade cakes and biscotti, and if you wish local cheeses and meats. Given the small size of our agritourism lodge, we arrange dinners only by reservation. Normally, we have dinner with our guests, because we think that it is the best way to truly experience the spirit of the agritourism lodge.

We want to offer our clients tradition and genuine nature, offering simple dishes, typical of this area, where the Tuscan, Umbrian and Romagnola cultures sometimes merge. Our dishes are prepared the "old-fashioned" artisanal way, such as bruschetta, crostini neri, and "home-made pasta", ravioli and tagliatelle, panzanella, vegetable soup, game, grilled pork, seasonal vegetables and more, using only farm products of local origin!

The Pool

Professional pool suitable both for children and for those who want to swimOur pool was built with professional and security characteristics, the height varies from 1.10 to 1.40 meters allowing the children to play safety, the ladders are anti-skid and there are no iron steps.
For those who like to relax in water, there are three Jacuzzi nozzles that give your skin a vigorous but pleasant massage. Fans of the sun can enjoy comfortable lounges, while those who wish to stay in the shade may find it under the gazebo. In the structure below the pool is found the service area with two showers, two wcs and of sinks; all with potable water from our hot and cold tanks.

Children's Space

Games available to children

An outdoor vacation is perfect for all ages, but in particular for them: the little ones. Here they can freely enjoy the spaces in every season, run and play on the large lawn, swinging and sliding.

During the summer, swimming and splashing in the pool offers cool relief and fun (always under the attentive eye of the adults).

Children's Space When the weather is bad or at any other time, our salon is always available with fireplace, TV, and plenty of games for children.

Just a short stroll takes you to a pond with grassy banks where geese and ducks swim in peace and anyone may fish freely.

Our garden is the perfect place to teach children the forms, colors, perfumes and flavors of vegetables; here they can gather and savor what the garden offers in the various seasons.

They can meet our animals: the cats, the chickens and two rabbits that freely roam in the large chicken coop. Just 300 meters away is the community park, with a basketball court and many games for the little ones. We remind you that we make available high chairs and campsite beds complete with linens.